Organic Native Compote Serving Suggestions

Organic Native Compote Serving Suggestions
Finger Lime Yoghurt Spoon
A dollop on your favourite yoghurt is a must try
Lemon Aspen and Granola
On granola
Davidson Plum Compote in smoothies
Davidson Plum compote in a berry smoothie.
Also Lemon Aspen compote lifts a tropical smoothie
Midyim Berry Compote with scones
Midyim Berry compote on scones with cream is our favourite
Also delicious with Sandpaper Fig compote
Finger Lime Compote with Shellfish
Finger Lime Compote with shellfish
Davidson Plum Compote with beef
Davidson Plum compote with Beef Rib-Eye or Venison

 Lemon Aspen in Yellow Curry 

Lemon Aspen compote in yellow curry

Finger Lime with cheese

Finger Lime compote with cheese

Cheesecake Lemon Aspen

Lemon Aspen compote with cheesecake

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